Fraud Alerts

With First Federal Savings of Lorain's fraud monitoring, keeping your card safe is as easy as sending a text!

Starting in September you may receive a fraud alert text message instead of a phone call. 


Two-Way Text Alerts Video



Do I need to sign up for fraud alert text messages? 

A: No. All debit card customers will be enrolled in this service.

What if I do not want to receive text messages? 

A: When you receive a fraud alert text message there will be an opt out option. 

Will I receive a text message for every transaction?

A: No. Only denied transactions that are outside of your normal spending habits. 

If I respond yes will my transaction automatically process?

A: No. After you respond "Yes" to the fraud alert text message you will be prompted to attempt the transaction again. 

What if the transaction is not mine? 

A: Respond "No" to the fraud alert message. You will then be prompted to contact First Federal Savings of Lorain's fraud department, and a restriction will be placed on the card. 

What if I do not respond to a message?

A: A voice call will be attempted to verify the transaction. A temporary hold may be placed on the card until we are able to confirm or deny the transaction. 

Am I able to opt back into fraud alert text messages?

A: Yes. Text the word "undo" to 37268