Mobile Banking

Take us with you.

Your account is now your trusty sidekick.

First Federal is proud to provide several mobile banking options that make account access more convenient than ever. These services are completely free to use and provide the access you need, wherever you go.

Explore how these modern tools can save you time. 

Please Note: Mobile banking users who are on older OS versions, will need to upgrade their mobile OS version to be able to connect to mobile banking.

  • Users with devices on Android KitKat (Level 20) and above will be able to connect to Mobiliti.
  • Users with devices on iOS 8 and above will be able to connect to Mobiliti.
  • View balance information
  • Review detailed account activity
  • Transfer funds between your First Federal Accounts    
  • Pay Bills     
  • Find a First Federal ATM or Branch (including the ability to utilize your phone's GPS functionality for directions)  

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  • Pay bills
  • Transfer funds
  • Check detailed account activity
  • View account balance
  • Find ATM and Branch locations
  • Request balance information
  • Request transaction history on eligible accounts
  • Locate a First Federal ATM or Branch while you're on the go

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Mobile Banking FAQs

  1. How can I get Mobile Banking?
    It’s really easy to get Mobile Banking. You can simply find our app from your device app store or learn how to register from Here is what you will need:
    • An eligible First Federal Savings of Lorain Online Banking account
    • A smartphone (iOS, Android, BlackBerry), a web-enabled device (mobile browser) or standard mobile device with text capabilities* 
      *Message and data rates may apply. Check your mobile service provider plan for details.
  2. Is there any cost for Mobile Banking? 
    Our mobile banking is absolutely free – even more reason to use Mobile Banking.*
    *Message and data rates may apply. Check your mobile service provider plan for details.
  3. What is Mobile Banking?
    In short, with Mobile Banking, you can be sure that your banking activities are with you at all times. You can securely access your First Federal accounts from your mobile device to check account balances, pay bills, transfer funds, find your nearest branch or ATM and more.
  4. Why should I use Mobile Banking?
    The real-time convenience of Mobile Banking just cannot be matched by anything else. Think about all the scenarios where it can really come in handy:  
    • When you’re at the electronics store, and you see that big screen HDTV you absolutely just have to buy  - play it safe & make a quick check on your account balance and make sure you have enough money before you purchase
    • How many times do you find yourself simply waiting around? If you’re waiting at the DMV, or waiting at the airport for your flight – this would be a great time to get in tune with your spending habits by checking and reviewing your transaction history  
    • When you’re out on vacation, out traveling, or simply have no computer access, you might have a bill you forgot to pay from home or a bill that is due very soon. Don’t cut it close. Ensure that you’re never late on any of your bills by making a quick and easy bill payment from your phone.  
    • Going out this Friday night and realize you’ll need some cash? Find your bank’s nearest ATM from wherever you are, which just might be at a convenient store a block away.

Text Banking FAQs

  1. Can I use Text Banking on my Phone?
    Any devices (including smart phones and flip phones) that allow text messaging can access First Federal Savings of Lorain Text Banking.
  2. Do I need to enroll for First Federal Savings of Lorain Text Banking? 
    Yes, the registration process is simple and only takes a few minutes. You will need to:
    •          Log in to Online Banking
    •          Click on ‘Enroll Now’
    •          Follow the prompts to complete your Mobile registration
  3. How do I use Text Banking?
    It's easy, just:
    • Begin a new text message
    • Enter the short code 48179 in the "to" field
    • Enter your text banking command in the "message" field
    • Send
  4. I have a prepaid plan. Can I still use Text Banking?
    Yes. First Federal Savings of Lorain text banking works with most prepaid plans.
  5. What can I do with Text Banking?
    •  View account balances
    • Review available account history
    • Find a First Federal Savings of Lorain ATM/Branch location
  6. What is a Text Banking Command?
    Text banking commands allow you to send a text requesting account information.
    These are First Federal Savings of Lorain Text Banking Commands:
    • BAL = Account Balance
    • HIST + Your Account Nickname = Account History
    • STMT+ Your Account Nickname = Account Statement
    • ATM + Zipcode = Nearest ATM
  7. What is Text Banking?
    Text Banking lets you bank using text messages. If you can text on your phone, you can receive text messages containing your balances, recent transactions, and more.

Security FAQs

  1. Is my mobile device safe to use?
    Rest assured. Mobile is safe to use!
    • Smartphones such as iPhones, Android and Blackberry have a very controlled and secure operating systems   
    • Mobile Banking uses 128 bit SSL encryption just like Online Banking – which basically encrypts and protects any transmission of data including customer account information  
    • Mobile Banking uses strong Firewalls just like Online Banking – which protects from unauthorized or malicious intrusion
    • Mobile Banking uses your Username & Password for access, just like Online Banking. And just like with Online Banking, your account will lock down after 3 incorrect attempts from your mobile device
    • Mobile banking uses additional Security Q&A authentication for initial access to your account 
  2. What if my phone gets lost or stolen?
    Nobody wants their phone lost or stolen. But in the rare case that it does, you should know that your mobile banking access is secured.
    • No personal information from your Mobile Banking account is ever stored on the phone. Your password is never stored
    • Your login session automatically times out after 10 minutes of inactivity
  3. Why can't I simply use my computer to access my account? I'm more comfortable with it, and I can just wait until I get access at home.
    You certainly can use your computer. But you’ll really miss out on all the FREE benefits of Mobile Banking to keep you secure.
    • You can check your money at any time of the day. You’ll never need to worry about unauthorized activity on your bank account.
    • Just simply be notified when you receive a direct deposit. You can easily set up text and email alerts, and you’ll always be in the know.

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